Purple Passion Water Lily

Purple Passion Water Lily

8 thoughts on “Purple Passion Water Lily

  1. This shot is amazing. Did you teach yourself photography, or have you had professional training?

    Thank you so much for the follow. Maybe someday I’ll need to seek your editorial advice, too. I’ll be checking back often!

    Jessica 🙂

    • Hi Jessica. Thanks very much! I taught, and am still teaching, myself. Photography is a great journey and very satisfying in many ways. Hit me up any time. I’ll back to visit yours soon. BTW great name (and concept) for your blog. 🙂 Scott

      • I took a photography class in college but dropped it because I kept exposing my film before I got it to the darkroom. 😛 Thank you for the compliment on my name and concept. It took me a while to find it, but once I finally did, it just fit.

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